4th Annual Sedona Bridal Fair, January 18, 2014

Join Wendy the Weaver at the 4th Annual Sedona Bridal Fair!

Saturday, January 18, 2014
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Poco Diablo Resort
1752 State Route 179
Sedona, Arizona

Wendy will be offering exclusive, one-of-a-kind wedding wearable art created by her in Sedona, Arizona. And, she’s offering special deals this date only!

Custom order deposits are usually 50% down… today, only 25% deposit! Deposit is based upon an estimate of what you think you will be ordering. Your deposit holds your place for the timing of delivery.

Final pricing for the items listed below will be determined once you’ve have had a consultation meeting and determined your final order. Call Wendy at 928.274.7161!

Today’s specials are:

  • 15% off Bride’s shawl and Bridesmaid shawlette collection when deposit is paid by 2:30 PM today! These shawlettes make great bridesmaid gifts besides being worn at your wedding.
  • 20% off Couple’s set of shawls or vests when deposit is paid by 2:30 PM today! This is an awesome coordinated look.
  • Ring pillow (a $75.00 value!) as Wendy’s gift to you with any order over $1,000.00 if ordered before February 14, 2014.



Customized Classes

Experience a creativity retreat customized to your needs and desires.
Walk our outdoor Labyrinth as part of your creative journey.

Private Classes

Having the intimacy of one-on-one instruction can be very powerful. Choose a topic, a technique, or a guided creativity journey. Introductory to advanced fiber arts classes are available. We can discuss in detail what your goals and intentions are and then design a program that works for you, in a creative and supportive environment. Costs will vary depending on the instructional needs, materials, and equipment involved. The Labyrinth can be made available for your process (weather permitting).

Group Classes

Coming together as a group with a shared intention for the day, week, or weekend offers an amazing bonding opportunity in addition to a lot of fun. A program can be specifically designed and customized for your group. Project samples can be created especially for your program. It is important that the symbolism, materials, and timing meet your group’s needs.

Some possible group ideas include:

  • a congregational or spiritual gathering,
  • pre-wedding celebration,
  • women’s circles,
  • rite-of-passage or birthday celebration,
  • family or class reunion, or
  • a chance for fiber artist friends to create together.

Any time we gather as a group we have the opportunity to build and strengthen our community. To further enhance your experience the use of our labyrinth will be made available (weather permitting).

Our kitchen is easily set up for potlucks or catered buffets. Groups supply their own food, beverages, dishes, and paper goods.

There are several places nearby for your group to spend the night if your event is longer than one day. We can discuss these options with you.

Wendy Bialek
Phone: 928.274.7161
Email: wendy@wendytheweaver.com

Weaving for Wellness

Learn to weave and use your creative process as self-therapy. Weaving is often, and aptly, used as a metaphor for life. Each experience is a thread which, added to others, helps create the warp and woof of that most unique fabric, the self. Care, creativity, and a sense of adventure are necessary to arrive at a finished product that pleases the senses and the soul.

Weaving for Wellness, a program developed by Wendy Bialek, uses this ancient art to launch individuals on their voyages of self-discovery and self-expression. While learning to weave, participants will explore color, texture, and pattern and discover how to use their own creative processes. With hands-on work and discussion, the program offers guidance to possibilities in dealing with physical pain, emotional struggles, and fears and obstacles to spiritual well-being.

The Weaving for Wellness Experience

The ingredients of a Weaving for Wellness experience might include:

  • Guided discussion about creativity, and the steps one can take to set out on one’s own creative voyage
  • An introduction to the art of weaving
  • An encouraging and sharing of memories
  • Playing with texture, color, and pattern as an exercise in visualization
  • Steps for incorporating this experience into everyday life
  • Hands-on weaving experience

Benefits of Weaving

Cognitive Training
Decision making • Discovering one’s creative self
Sequencing skills • Concentration
Following directions • Conceptualizing an idea
Task analyzing • Completing a task
Physical Training
Eye-hand coordination • Relaxation techniques
Gross and fine motor skill integration
Coordinating upper and lower body usage
Body and breathing awareness

Program Customization

Weaving for Wellness programs are available in several modes. These can be tailored to specific needs and requirements of facilities or individuals. The programs are appropriate to train health care professionals, such as occupational therapists, or to work with clients in hospital, rehabilitation, or psychiatric settings. It is possible to adapt equipment and make it handicap-accessible.

  • Half-day: Introduction, demonstration, and hands-on experience.
  • Full-day: An extension of the half-day program with attendees weaving a small project.
  • Weekend Workshop: An extension of the full-day program with a larger project and guided discussion about creativity and visualization.

About the Instructor

Since childhood, Wendy has been immersed in the textile arts. She was developing an avid interest in other cultures, gathering information on tools, techniques, patterns, and colors used by textile makers around the world. These interests proved to be a lifeline when she was diagnosed at age seven with a congenital orthopedic condition. Throughout her life, she has had multiple surgeries and times of confinement and found that her creative self-expression allowed for a rich and full life. She found that teaching her crafts to fellow patients and her occupational therapist brought her out of her difficulties while enriching the lives of others.

With degrees in liberal arts and production weaving, and a master’s in special education, Wendy has continued to combine art with instruction and healing, teaching everyone from small children to the elderly.

There continues to be realization in the medical community that such aesthetic elements as color, landscaping, and artwork contribute to the well-being of patients in hospital and rehabilitative settings. As a professional weaver producing custom work, Wendy has explored the power of art to create a healing environment.

Wendy’s custom work ranges from meditation shawls to large wall pieces. The design of these one-of-a-kind creations is intended to nurture the energy of the individual and create works that meet specific needs of the facility’s setting. Woven pieces designed for interiors, such as wall sculptures, floor screens, bedspreads, throws and pillows, not only pull a room together visually, but help create a chosen atmosphere — from soothing to stimulating.

For more information, please contact Wendy Bialek:

Labyrinth Art Retreats

Medieval Chartres Labyrinth OutlineDuring this one-day creativity retreat, we will indulge in the wonder of color and texture, and play with mixing fibers and elements to create a unique expression of you! For your creative journey and exploration, a variety of tools and materials are provided, for projects like a vessel, precious pouch, personal altar cloth, or handcrafted beads. No previous experience needed. Beginners welcome.

As part of our creative process, we will explore the metaphor of the labyrinth: a path of change, growth, and transformation. We will walk the labyrinth alone and together, to deepen our connection with the source of our creative inspiration, and to return to our lives renewed.

The labyrinth provides us with a magical opportunity to connect with ancient worlds while exploring the sacred in our current life. Walking the twists and turns of this mandala is an excellent metaphor for our time as spiritual beings experiencing a human life.

All classes are held at my home studio in the red rocks of Sedona, AZ.

Please call 928.274.7161 or email wendy@wendytheweaver.com for more information.

Home or Synagogue

Wendy honors her Jewish heritage – and the role that woven cloth plays in it – embodying Jewish symbolism in selected pieces. Ancient tradition meets modern sensibilities in these unique works of art suitable for your home or Synagogue.


Celebration imported wools, metallics, mohairs, oak top, fused glass 30″ x 66″


In the Jewish tradition the chuppah (canopy) symbolizes the creation of a new home and family and the divine protection and peace spread over a couple joining in marriage. Wendy weaves each chuppah with the intention of love and harmony focusing on each couple’s commitment to one another and the future they are building together during this sacred ceremony.

Chuppah Tallitot

Two “ikat”-style prayer shawls were sewn together for the wedding ceremony and then separated as individual tallitot for the couple’s first blessing as wife and husband.

hand-dyed cotton, metallics

two 30″x 72″ prayer shawls

60″ x 72″ as chuppah

Tallitot and Tallises

Whether given for a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, wedding, anniversary or spiritual renewal, tallitot / tallises serve as bridges between the spiritual and physical worlds. Wendy’s contemporary prayer shawls make a personal statement of faith and “hiddur mitzvah” – adding beauty to a ritual object to enhance observance. Atarah (blessing band), tzitzit (ritual fringes for the four corners), kippah / yarmulka (skull cap), and a bag are available as well.

Renewal Tallit and Kippah

Renewal Tallit and Kippah
hand-dyed cottons, metallics,
hand-painted silk atarah (blessing band),
tzitzit, 45″ x 72″

Chuppah Becomes Tallitot

Chuppah Becomes Tallitot
hand-dyed cottons, metallics,
two 30″ x 72″ prayer shawls

Bat or Bar Mitzvah Tallit

Bat or Bar Mitzvah Tallit
cottons, rayons, metallics,
hand-painted silk atarah (blessing band),
tzitzit, 27″ x 72″

Throws & Pillow Sets

Both functional and decorative, throws and pillows are the perfect accent to any living room, family room, bedroom, or mediation space. They add splashes of color, a subtle accent, or a textual experience that will add life and complete a room.


Neutral Pillows and Throw

Set of Creamy Whites and Gray Throw and Pillows
imported wools, rayon ribbon, metallics,
rayon cloth, rayon trim and fringe
throw 35″ x 75″
pillow set includes: two 26″ x 26″ and three 22″ x 22″

Lucious Pillow and Throw

Set of “Ikat” Style Throw and Pillows
hand-dyed rayon chenille, hand-dyed cotton/rayon ribbon,
metallics, velvet cloth, rayon/cotton trim and fringe
throw 40″ x 72″, two pillows 20″ x 20″

2 Throws and Pillows

Set of Two Throws and Pillows
hand-dyed cotton, metallics, cotton rag ribbon,
velvet cloth, chenille trim and fringe
throws 45″ x 80″, pillows 26″ x 26″

Bed Ensembles

A bedroom is a sacred space for nourishing the body and soul. A bed ensemble pulls the elements in a room together and visually completes the space with the use of color and texture. Adding a matching throw, canopy, or window treatment gives a beautiful finishing touch. Wendy’s unique use of color and fiber can make your bedroom a soft and gentle refuge or a palace of passion.

Bed Ensemble


Bed Ensemble
hand-dyed rayon chenille, hand-dyed cotton/rayon ribbon,
metallics, velvet cloth, chenille trim and fringe
King size bed spread 120″ x 120″

Pillow set includes:
two 26″ x 26″
three 24″ x 24″,
two 20″ x 14″
one 18″ x 6″

Privacy Screens

Wendy’s privacy screens were originally inspired by Asian scrolls. Her concept grew from a single narrow wall panel to triptychs to free standing floor screens and gliding walls. Any number of panels can be woven using any fiber and color combination to match your décor. Frames can be custom designed from metal or wood.


Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire

hand-dyed cotton 23″ x 60″ woven panels

custom wrought iron 26″ x 72″ frames

photo firebird

Firebird Suite

hand-dyed cotton 23″ x 60″ woven panels

custom wrought iron 26″ x 72″ frames


photo midnight

Midnight Flame

hand-dyed cotton 14″ x 60″ woven panels

custom wrought iron 15″ x 72″ frames