Throws & Pillow Sets

Both functional and decorative, throws and pillows are the perfect accent to any living room, family room, bedroom, or mediation space. They add splashes of color, a subtle accent, or a textual experience that will add life and complete a room.


Neutral Pillows and Throw

Set of Creamy Whites and Gray Throw and Pillows
imported wools, rayon ribbon, metallics,
rayon cloth, rayon trim and fringe
throw 35″ x 75″
pillow set includes: two 26″ x 26″ and three 22″ x 22″

Lucious Pillow and Throw

Set of “Ikat” Style Throw and Pillows
hand-dyed rayon chenille, hand-dyed cotton/rayon ribbon,
metallics, velvet cloth, rayon/cotton trim and fringe
throw 40″ x 72″, two pillows 20″ x 20″

2 Throws and Pillows

Set of Two Throws and Pillows
hand-dyed cotton, metallics, cotton rag ribbon,
velvet cloth, chenille trim and fringe
throws 45″ x 80″, pillows 26″ x 26″

Bed Ensembles

A bedroom is a sacred space for nourishing the body and soul. A bed ensemble pulls the elements in a room together and visually completes the space with the use of color and texture. Adding a matching throw, canopy, or window treatment gives a beautiful finishing touch. Wendy’s unique use of color and fiber can make your bedroom a soft and gentle refuge or a palace of passion.

Bed Ensemble


Bed Ensemble
hand-dyed rayon chenille, hand-dyed cotton/rayon ribbon,
metallics, velvet cloth, chenille trim and fringe
King size bed spread 120″ x 120″

Pillow set includes:
two 26″ x 26″
three 24″ x 24″,
two 20″ x 14″
one 18″ x 6″

Privacy Screens

Wendy’s privacy screens were originally inspired by Asian scrolls. Her concept grew from a single narrow wall panel to triptychs to free standing floor screens and gliding walls. Any number of panels can be woven using any fiber and color combination to match your décor. Frames can be custom designed from metal or wood.


Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire

hand-dyed cotton 23″ x 60″ woven panels

custom wrought iron 26″ x 72″ frames

photo firebird

Firebird Suite

hand-dyed cotton 23″ x 60″ woven panels

custom wrought iron 26″ x 72″ frames


photo midnight

Midnight Flame

hand-dyed cotton 14″ x 60″ woven panels

custom wrought iron 15″ x 72″ frames

Windows Treatments

These unusual window treatments evolved from Wendy’s popular “Natural Flow” wall sculptures. This elegant look frames windows while leaving an open feeling of the outdoors.

This style works well with or without blinds or curtains. Matching throws and pillows really pull the room together and make great conversation pieces!

photo sparkling
Sparkling Jewel
hand-dyed wools, imported wools, metallics,
mohairs, hand-finished manzanita
84” x 54”

photo dance
Turquoise Dance
imported wools, metallics, mohair, hand-finished manzanita
112” x 90”

Wall Sculptures

Inspired by images and shapes from various cross-cultural perspectives, Wendy’s woven wall sculptures often include accents such as copper, wood, exotic beads and raku to add interest and dimension. Some of her most popular styles include shield-like designs and weavings draped on hand-finished manzanita branches.

Warrior Woman


“Warrior Woman”
hand-dyed wools, natural wools, mohair, oak arch, hand-fired copper accents
38″ x 60″
hand-dyed cotton, wools, chenille, metallics, custom wrought iron
45″ x 81″
photo flow2 Flow 1
“Natural Flow 2”
hand-dyed wools, metallics, hand-finished manzanita
“36 x 36”
“Natural Flow 1”
hand-dyed wools, ribbons, metallics, hand-finished manzanita
54″ x 56″
Motion 1 Southwest Angel
“Motion 1”
hand-dyed cotton, hand-fired copper
54″ x 70″
“Southwest Angel”
hand-dyed wools, imported wools, mohairs, hand-fired copper, imported beads
45″ x 81″