Wall Sculptures

Inspired by images and shapes from various cross-cultural perspectives, Wendy’s woven wall sculptures often include accents such as copper, wood, exotic beads and raku to add interest and dimension. Some of her most popular styles include shield-like designs and weavings draped on hand-finished manzanita branches.

Warrior Woman


“Warrior Woman”
hand-dyed wools, natural wools, mohair, oak arch, hand-fired copper accents
38″ x 60″
hand-dyed cotton, wools, chenille, metallics, custom wrought iron
45″ x 81″
photo flow2 Flow 1
“Natural Flow 2”
hand-dyed wools, metallics, hand-finished manzanita
“36 x 36”
“Natural Flow 1”
hand-dyed wools, ribbons, metallics, hand-finished manzanita
54″ x 56″
Motion 1 Southwest Angel
“Motion 1”
hand-dyed cotton, hand-fired copper
54″ x 70″
“Southwest Angel”
hand-dyed wools, imported wools, mohairs, hand-fired copper, imported beads
45″ x 81″