Much of the wonder of weaving owes to the infinite possibilities in combining color, texture, and pattern. This section shows just a few of the styles that have become Wendy the Weaver’s trademarks. Remember while viewing the rest of Wendy’s portfolio that any of these patterns and fibers can be combined in your colors to create your personal woven art piece.

Magic Cloth

Wendy’s “magic cloth” gets its name from the fact that it is reversible fabric that has two very distinct sides. While one would think this could only be accomplished by sewing two pieces of cloth together, they are indeed one seamless piece woven in a single pass! The interplay between the sides can be subtle or dramatic by design.


Wendy’s “ikat style” cloth is a modern version of a traditional technique found in many cultures around the world. In Wendy’s version, different areas of thread are dip-dyed in a sequence of colors. She then threads the loom, shifting the individual thread colors to create a flame-like effect. The results are further enhanced by weaving a pattern that dances with the colors.

Echoing Diamonds

Many of Wendy’s clients choose a variation on a diamond pattern. These can be single diamonds, double-diamonds or even more intricate designs. The colors and textures chosen also interplay with how visibly the repeating pattern appears. Shown: “echoing diamonds” in rayon chenille.

Double Diamonds

This is an example of Wendy’s double-diamond pattern, also shown here in rayon chenille. Again, the combination of fiber, color, and pattern are nearly endless.

Undulating 1

Undulating twills create a certain dynamic and movement of pattern that is different from any other weave structure. The play of color and texture interacting with this type of pattern can also add dimension to the actual cloth ­ as well as a sense of optical illusion
Undulating 2 When woven with larger coarser fiber the undulating twill pattern has a dramatic effect that is well suited for wall sculptures.

River of Life

Wendy often chooses themes that have a connection to the wonder of being alive. The variations on her “river of life” pattern creates an ebb and flow in the visual experience of this cloth. Shading effects are further evocative of “the great mystery.”