Custom Commisions Policy
Woven Art for Interiors Client Considerations

Whether locally or long-distance, Wendy works directly with her clients to insure that they get a one-of-a-kind weaving that is uniquely theirs. Wholesale courtesy accounts are also available to interior designers, architects, galleries and other industry professionals. Many of the weavings in this virtual portfolio were commissioned by specific clients and are now in private collections. Some are one-of-a-kind pieces that are still available as part of Wendy’s on-going creative output.

When working with a modern artist preserving the ancient tradition of hand weaving, e-commerce only goes so far. Wendy encourages you to call or e-mail in order to communicate directly about your specific needs, colors, style and intention. One of her greatest joys is seeing the look on the faces of her clients or hearing the excitement in their voice when she delivers a unique weaving made specifically for them.

Base prices shown in this portfolio reflect a starting point for each style. Different yarns, materials, sizes, embellishments and rush delivery may result in a higher quote. Price quotes become final at the time of commission.

Given the personal nature of this work, Wendy often has standing orders that must be filled before scheduling new commissions. It is therefore best to plan your needs well in advance of the anticipated delivery date. Delivery time will also be quoted at the time of commission.

Standard ordering policy is 50% deposit upon placing of a commission, with the remaining 50% due on completion and prior to shipping. Prices are subject to change until deposits are placed. Shipping and installation costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Checks and money orders are accepted. We accept credit cards in person or over the phone — Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. (In the future we plan to accept credit cards on our Web site.)

Please call or e-mail for more information on availability, pricing and delivery schedules!

Custom Commissions Policy

I specialize in one-of-a-kind custom woven art using the best materials and equipment available. I also do limited-edition production pieces. Designs can be structured around a given budget. Materials, pattern, size, finishing techniques and use of non-fiber media (wood, ceramics, beads, copper, iron, glass) all intertwine in determining the pricing of a given piece.

I can be of greatest value and service to all parties by interfacing directly with the client, optionally in conjunction with a designer. For larger one-of-a-kind pieces, my preference is to meet with the client and/or their designer in the space in which the woven art will be displayed. Clients and/or designers are always welcome to visit my studio by appointment. This gives everybody the opportunity to see a variety of pieces and styles, get a sense of the process and a hands-on feel of various types of fiber. It also gives me the opportunity to truly observe what people are being drawn to and will allow me to serve their needs more fully. I am also comfortable working long distance through photographs, color swatches and fabric samples. Once I have an idea of a client’s desires, I can then send a tassel of yarns and have phone or e-mail discussions to finalize plans before creating their custom piece. Consultations can take place either at the client’s location or my studio. Consultations at my studio are free of charge. Consultations at the client’s location may have an associated charge based on travel distance.

Clients may choose to have a woven sampler created illustrating various possible combinations of color, texture and pattern choices for a nominal design fee. This fee is typically 20% of the projected commission cost ($200 minimum). I will retain possession of the sampler or “strike-off” after project completion. This design fee is applied to the final price of the commission. Additional non-deductible design fees are charged for any further samplers.

Before a finalized quote can be given, the dimensions, actual materials to be used, style, cloth pattern, finishing techniques and additional media must be fully discussed and agreed upon. Project quotes are good for 30 days, as the prices of my raw materials are subject to change.

Upon approval of the project, a 50% deposit is required to lock in the price and to begin work on the final piece. The remaining balance is due on completion. Purchaser is responsible for shipping or delivery expenses. Any installation fees are charged separately.

Since I am hand-weaving and finishing all pieces to specification, custom commissions typically take two to three months for delivery, depending on the availability of both myself and materials. Faster turnaround may incur additional charges.

All efforts are made to ensure light fastness, however there is no guarantee of same. It is highly recommended to avoid exposing hand-woven art to direct sunlight for any extended period of time unless the piece is specifically designed with this intention.

Please feel free to call me directly, 928-274-7161 to discuss any and all aspects of your custom woven art commission. I look forward to serving you!

Woven Art for Interiors Client Considerations

Below are ideas I like my clients to consider so that I may best serve you. Please, feel free to add anything you want me to know. Any photos or color samples are helpful. Thank you so much.

  • What type of woven art piece are you interested in? (wall sculpture, floor screens, window treatment, bedspread, throw, pillows etc.)
  • What is the purpose of this piece of woven art?
  • For example, is it to welcome people as they enter a home, an office, a place of worship, or a lobby? Is this piece intended to have an emotional impact such as calming or energizing?
  • What size space will the woven art complement? How big an area do you want filled? How much space do you want to see around the woven art?
  • What are your color preferences? Dominant? Accent (i.e. a touch of, a splash of)? Solid color (i.e. white on white or shades and textures of a particular color)? Variegated blending of colors shifting in and out in relation to each other?
  • What fibers appeal to you the most? (cotton, silk, rayon, linen, wool, llama, alpaca, or blends)
  • What textures appeal to you the most? (smooth versus nubby, thick and heavy versus thin and delicate, or a mixture of any of these)
  • Are you interested in any metallic yarn accents that will help to catch the light?
  • Would you like the piece to incorporate any other media? (natural wood, copper, beads, raku, acrylic case, metal/wood frames)
  • What types of patterns appeal to you? (geometric, diamond variations, wavy undulating lines, stripes, blended shading, shifting colors – “Ikat” style horizontal or vertical movement)
  • What sense of design influence do you prefer? (ethnic Asian, African, South American, Native American; period-related antiques, modern, or contemporary)
  • How much fringe, if any, would you like?
  • What time frame do you need to have your woven art completed?
  • What price range are you considering for this project? (price is dictated by materials, size, style, delivery time and shipping)