Accessorize your wedding with one-of-a-kind hand crafted textile art created in Sedona, Arizona. By choosing an original Wendy the Weaver design, you give yourself a unique opportunity to add to your special day.

Wendy’s textile art can be worn and enjoyed for years to come. It will always be a reminder of your wedding day.

Give a special gift to your wedding party and mothers of the couple by offering them a shawl or caplet, a handbag, or tunic tied into your wedding theme. Matching pieces can be made for the fathers of the couple by offering them a vest, a tie, or a scarf tied into your wedding theme as well.

And now, through Wendy the Weaver’s Wedding Registry of Sedona, your family and friends can give you the gift of a unique experience and a piece of hand crafted textile art.

Both members of a wedding couple can have the opportunity to co-create unique pieces of textile art together with a professional artist. Accessorize your home or adorn your bodies with wearable art – or do both! It is Wendy’s pleasure to work closely with you and enrich your wedding experience.

Sign up for Wendy’s wedding registry today. Call her at 928.274.7161 or email her at You will enjoy her textile art for many years to come. It will always be a reminder of your lives coming together, and an ongoing celebration of your wedding day.

Be sure to explore Wendy’s website for exciting, creative ideas for your special wedding gift!


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